High-tech In The Woods–work In Your Own Tennessee Mountain Paradise

Live and Work in the Mountains of Tennessee

If you have ever wanted to get away from office politics, live in the serenity of nature, and still hold down a high-paying job, the time has come. A revolutionary residential development concept is coming together in the Mountains, high on the Cumberland Plateau near the resort town of Monteagle. So says Grant Miller, developer of the Village on Sewanee Creek, a Spa Lifestyle community anchored by a luxury medical spa and a community amphitheater with a 30-foot-wide screen that is wired for the future.

The Village has high-speed DSL that would enable a minimally tech-familiar executive to easily set up a home office and begin telecommuting from his Tennessee mountain paradise. Miller is working with the local telephone co-op to be the first development on the mountain to bring fiber optics directly to the home. That’s like plugging directly into the Internet trunk line with not only SUPER-high band width, but also high-definition TV and video-on-demand delivered over bullet-proof fiber optics, not cable. This is state-of-the-art stuff in the middle of the woods. Finally, we’re starting to realize the benefits of technology to make our lives more livable.

Grant Miller, Developer of the Village on Sewanee Creek

In his earlier corporate life as an international division president, Grant Miller oversaw employees and franchisees in over 50 countries for big name retailers like Blockbuster, 7-Eleven, Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins, and Papa John’s. For over fifteen years he used the Internet for real-time video conferencing, desktop sharing, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in a virtual home office environment, so he not only understands the technology that is now commonplace, but more importantly, how to make it work in the corporate world. Miller says, The Internet is an incredible productivity tool that helped me reduce costs, local commute time, and international flights while I worked, sometimes strange hours, from the comfort of my home office. It played a valuable role in keeping my communications fresh and current across long distances and changing time zones. The productivity boost was essential; the flexibility it gave me to be with my family, to do what I wanted, and to be where I wanted made life worth living.” Now, with fiber optics reaching remote locations, one can really live.

Proximity to Nashville, Chattanooga, and Huntsville

Miller says, I chose the location of the Village for a lot of reasons beyond its breathtaking natural beauty. I wanted to develop a community that would attract not only retirees, but also young, active, working families. I knew we would already have high-speed DSL, but equally important to the Village is proximity to Nashville, Chattanooga, and Huntsville. Their airports are all about an hour away. When I lived in Atlanta and Los Angeles my airport commute time was at least that long across town. The combination of high-speed Internet and sizeable airports makes it possible for most executives to work from paradise–if you know how. Close proximity to the University of the South brings the cultural element that an upwardly mobile executive craves. This is the Sweet Spot.”

For anyone ready to make the leap, Miller is offering a 15-minute, live, online demonstration of both the technology and the Village. For those who become neighbors in the Village, Miller is a resident and says he’s happy to be both productivity and lifestyle coach.”

WOW, pack your bags!

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